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A variety of services are available for your session:

A good-looking man getting a back massage lying down

Relaxation Massage – Swedish Massage
$80/60 min
$120/90 min – $30 Off Special
$150/120 min
5 60 Min Sessions – $350

A “Standard” massage. Focus is spent on areas you may feel more tension, with a goal of allowing yourself to just let go for a while.

Close-up of an attractive man having a back massage

More than Skin Deep Massage
$100/60 min
$150/90 min – $30 Off Special
5 60 Min Sessions – $400

Deep tissue is one of the most requested massage modalities offered today. Beyond just relaxing, we focus the session to start eliminating some of the body restrictions that add to your pain.

4 Handed TandemMassage
$150/60 min
$220/90 min – $30 Off Special
$280/120 min

The ultimate in relaxation! Relax all your cares away as 4 hands work in effortless tandem together to bring you the most relaxing massage available.


massage3Aromatherapy Massage
$100/60 min
$150/90 min – $30 Off Special

Swedish Massage with Aromatherapy can add a variety of different experiences to your massage. Lavender will relax you, while citrus may invigorate your energy. There are wide variety of achievable outcomes using aromatherapy. I use only doTERRA Essential Oils to guarantee the highest quality available in today’s market.


ReflexologyReflexology Foot Treatment
$50/30 min
$80/60 min
Add-On to Other Service – $15

Lay back on the table and relax while we spend time concentrating our attention and our energy on a variety of health issues that may need addressing.


biofreezeBioFreeze Therapy Add-On

Sore muscles that just won’t stop aching? Adding BioFreeze to the area after a deep tissue massage will help to get that extra push back towards feeling healthy again.



biofreezedoTERRA Deep Blue Therapy Add-On

After a long day of work or physical activity, many of us could use some soothing comfort. Deep Blue® is dōTERRA’s soothing solution to this challenge. Wintergreen, Camphor, Peppermint, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile, Helichrysum and Osmanthus work together to provide a cooling effect and can be a comforting part of a massage.